General Information

Land Status

  • Approximately 2.7 million acres
  • 54% Bridger Teton National Forest
  • 22% Yellowstone National Park
  • 18% Grand Teton National Park
  • 3% Private Lands
  • 1.3% National Elk Refuge
  • Other: State of Wyoming, Bureau of Land Management, and Buereau of Reclamation


  • Upper Snake River Drainage
  • Tributaries include Lewis River, Pacific Creek, Buffalo Fork, Spread Creek, the Gros Ventre River, and the Hoback River
  • Visit Protect Our Waters for more info on Aquatic Invasive Species


  1. Prevent the introduction, reproduction, and spread of designated noxious weeds into, within, and out of the JHWMA.
  2. Reduce to acceptable levels, noxious weed damage to the economy, the environment, and its associated resource uses.
  3. Implement an integrated weed management system to realize the most economical and effective weed control methods possible.
  4. Integrate public and private sector agencies, landowners, organizations, and individuals into a comprehensive weed management program.
  5. Comply with federal and state laws and regulations to insure that weed management activities do no harm to the environment or to weed management personnel.